Jarkko Jarkko
1st Oct, 2015

I'm making a disc golf game


My name is Jarkko Honkakoski and I am from Finland. For the past 2 years I have been making a Disc Golf Game part time with my other work. Now I am ready to tell you about the game.

Here are some pictures of how the game looks like today.

Game will be released first for iPad and Android tablets and possibly for new Apple TV with Wii like motion control. If there is enough interest I might make PC and Mac versions.

The goal making the game has been to make it as realistic as possible with fun easy to learn playability. I have spent months researching and coding accurate physics to the game.

The game will feature real disc golf discs from at least Innova and Discmania . Manufacturers won't be sponsoring the game, but their products will be used with permission.

Disc Golf Game will be released somewhere 2016/2017.